Call for speakers

We are calling for researchers and market players that are involved in leading (practical) research, cases or pilots that contribute to the development of charging infrastructure of electric transport. This year we wonder who's in charge? We are looking for speakers who want to share their insights and knowledge on these topics with our diverse audience. Join the cutting edge EV community at this international symposium on public charging. We offer the opportunity to strengthen collaborative networks in science and business and to exchange practical and (applied) science in the field of publicly accessible charging infrastructure.

Speak @ Future of Charging 2020!

  • Do you want to share insights or new research results?
  • Does your research provide new opportunities that you want to explore with other professionals?
  • Are you preparing the next phase of your research?
  • Are you an enterprising scientist who wants to translate science into concrete products and services?
  • Do you want to challenge practitioners with new insights to change policies and business approaches to charging?
  • Are you an innovative entrepreneur with new insights that the research world needs to hear?

Topics for 2020 -
Who's in Charge of...

  1. Scaling up our charging infrastructure?
    In order to be prepared for the EV supply from 2020, public and private parties move towards more advanced collaborations to assure an efficient mass roll-out. What critical aspects need to be governed?
  2. The charging process and energy flexibility?
    When it is part of multiple value chains and ‘owned’ by grid operators, car manufacturers, energy flex traders and smart homes?
  3. The data?
    Data is a critical asset for decision making, market predictions and an optimal EV driver experience: who owns the data, who assures the quality?
  4. Charging commercial vehicles?
    Where will urban logistics charge in zero emission zones, who’s in charge of charging for heavy-duty trucks?

How can you join?

Please send us an e-mail before 31 January. State your research topic as discribed above and motivate your proposal to speak in 100 words. In case you know of interesting research and think it would be of value to the delegates, please also inform us. It is our intention to add a wide range of relevant research to the list of invited speakers.